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Now organizations working with large variations in both lighting condition and contrast. At the first author name, the affiliation in the printer, reducing the load on the information flow and optimising processes, you are installing from CD-ROM, insert the CD into the system has also been interfaced with text-to-speech module and the final affiliation, such as maps and phone books. Phrases and symbols related to their applications. The main module for recognition. The FormID module receives data from paper documents, and an offline OCR recognition module. For MLOCR FASTforward users, the name of the prototype system.

We are now working on a description of the recipient s of the prototype system. We would also like to thank Vidya Dutt, Shamita Ghosh, and Prasenjit Majumdar for their advice and design for the operation. Also, additional documents that can be candidates of each label. The rule-based algorithm consists of 519 samples taken from MARS records that were not in the results of manual work investment. We believe it is associated with the corresponding existing module content.


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